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We're gathering reports of active travel collisions, hazards and near misses to help promote action through reporting and open collaboration.
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of active travel incidents go unreported. ¹

Ireland is investing in making active travel (cycling, walking and other non-motorised modes) a more central part of how we get around. But people's experiences of active travel in towns, cities and rural places can be mixed. Some don't use them at all for a number of reasons.

One big reason is safety.² Our roads continue to be the scene of serious collisions involving cyclists, pedestrians and other vulnerable road users.

In order to justify and prioritise road improvements, we need to know where the dangerous locations are. But the true picture of active travel safety is difficult to measure. This is partly because only the most serious of incidents tend to show up in official reporting, and only then after long periods of retention.

With this platform, you can share your experience directly, adding it to an open and growing public dataset. This will help us report on your experiences and in turn, help national and local authorities improve infrastructure before serious collisions occur.

Explore the map, share a report today or read more about the project below.

  • ¹ Assessment of Safety of VRUs Based on Self-Reporting of Accidents and Near-Accident (Tanja Kidholm et al. 2018)
  • ² 30% cite either "unsuitable infrastructure" or "safety concerns" as a barrier to using active travel (National Travel Survey 2021)
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